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Things You Must Do When You Want to Have Vacation During Covid-19 for US Passport Holders

The pandemic is not over and now, the world is facing the new variant of Covid-19, Omicron. Due to Omicron, now US passport holders have some problems when it comes to international travel. Back then in 2020 when the pandemic was so high at its peak, there are some countries US travelers can’t visit. However, they have more options now compared to before and people can visit the countries by following the rules and also health guides during pandemic.

What to Know and Do Before Visiting Another Country During Covid-19 Pandemic

During Covid-19, all people have experienced “lockdown” based on their country rules to reduce the transmission of this pandemic. That is why, many people felt stressed during their stay at home without doing anything and just working from home. Also, some countries banned other tourists to come and stay in their countries until the pandemic can be controlled well. Nowadays, some countries have already opened their lands for others to come and enjoy what they used to do there though they must follow the health rules.

The main thing people must do in order to go around the world is getting vaccination fully. The countries may have several changes for the rules and they will give notice to people so they can still enjoy their holiday without being restricted too much. Any violation happened during vacation by breaking the rules will make you suffer from paying the fines or perhaps jail time. Risk assessments are provided by US State Departments along with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make people easy to decide.

For US passport holders, there are some lists that you need to understand as the travel procedure to give you easy time to enjoy the holiday such as:

Some countries accept only fully vaccinated tourists can come and stay in their countries during scheduled time. Most vaccinations will be given twice but the third one is called booster so it is necessary for people to fulfill the request before applying for the visa to stay in another country.

Don’t forget to give the negativity test as the main request to enter the country including the time limit and those must be original so they will not be any problem that will prevent your holiday.

When you go traveling, you must concern about quarantine times needed in order to fulfill the health requirements in one country. Health screening and also quarantine are things you must do upon your arrival to that country.

There are also many things you need to prepare, anticipate and also accept when you want to travel around the world and visit the countries with some rules especially for the US passport holders so you may enjoy the holiday safely while reducing the risk of Covid-19 positivity rate.


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