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Travel to Cappadocia: 3 Must Things to Do During Holiday

Recently, Cappadocia in Turkey becomes one of the most popular traveling destinations for people around the world. Though Covid-19 is still around including the new variant which is Omicron, Cappadocia doesn’t lose its charm at all to attract people to come and enjoy the scenery. For you who want to travel to Cappadocia, you must have list of what to do there so you will not be confused at all to waste your time in finding the things you want to do there during your holiday.

What to Do First When You Travel to Cappadocia?

Cacppadocia is one of the regions located in central Turkey which is famous with its scenery and the most popular attraction there is definitely the hot air balloons that fly in the sky. A week is not enough to spend the time there since there are so many things that needed to be explored and visited. Recently, there are many people who travel to Cappadocia from actors or actresses around the world, public figures or just ordinary people who want to spend their leisure time in another quiet yet peaceful place on earth. To begin the journey, you can read below of things you need to do there:

Enjoying the scenery from the sky using hot air balloon

Hot air balloon is a must ride attraction in Cappadocia and this must be written on the bucket list. People can enjoy the scenery from the sky and even watch the sunrise. The hot air balloon will float highly above the Goreme Town’s cave dwellings along with 100 other hot air balloons with different colors. Of course, you have to book first if you don’t want to miss this thing and it is also necessary to fly on the good and clear weather as the priority for people’s safety.

Hiking to Red Valley

Cappadocia is the right place to hike and you can never miss Red Valley. The landscape here is really unique and you can even watch sunset as the unforgettable moment there. You may see the sandstone there that will glow as the sun sets and give red color to the stones. However, if you don’t want to hike, you can always drive right to the viewpoint so you can enjoy sunset without being exhausted at all. This is something you must do in Cappadocia.

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Visiting open-air museum at Goreme

This open-air museum is something popular for those who enjoy historical sites so much. You may see cave houses, churches, ancient paintings and more using audio tour guide.

If you want to travel to Cappadocia, you must list first of what to do there and where to go first so you can use and maximize your limited holiday time so much.


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