What Will Happen to Lee Zii Jia If He Got Banned to Play in Any Badminton Tournaments for 2 Years?


Recently, the name Lee Zii Jia can be seen or heard everywhere since this young Badminton player from Malaysia got punished and banned by BAM or The Badminton Association of Malaysia to play in any Badminton competition for 2 years after wanting to become an independent player. Lee is known to the world as the heir to Lee Chong Wei as the Malaysian legend. Lee is rising and he is currently on seventh rank in the world and last year, he also won one biggest badminton competition, All England.

Lee Zii Jia Wanted to be An Independent Player but BAM Rejected and Punished Him

However, his performance decreased in several months including his participation at Olympic 2020 in Tokyo. He also got injured due to the tight schedules recently so it made him retired from several competitions. However, the shocking news is Lee Zii Jia wanted to quit and became independent player. Meanwhile, BAM rejected the request and they decided to give Lee punishment with 2-year ban from all badminton tournaments by BWF or the Badminton World Federation. BWF gave sanctions for the majority tournaments based on the calendar.

Every country has responsibility to register its players who want to participate there and it means, Malaysian body can block its number one player from competing. The 23 year old player has cited about being pressured in national side and about the regimented lifestyle he got from badminton academy of Malaysia are the main reasons for him to quit. Actually, BAM tried to persuade Lee to stay however they can’t agree with him for some demands he wanted including his wish to get his own coaches team and support staff.

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Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos as BAM Deputy President said to the reporters that they are so sad about this news since it can affect the programs for training and also the finance. However, he said that the player can return and Lee is definitely Malaysia’s best badminton player now and also Malaysia’s hope to win all competitions and also the first gold medal for Malaysia at Olympic. Victor Axlesen as the World number one from Denmark also tweeted his expression for this case about Lee’s decision.

He said that this is his career and also his life. However, BWF still remained calm and quiet about this LeeZii Jia’ s case. However, Thomas Lund as secretary general noted that there are some players who can reach the agreements with their own countries and the association can submit their entries to the tournaments for players and Malaysia always performs so well in all international tournaments.

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