Banana Stone (Klutuk) For Sugar Levels



Stone banana trees are very easy to find in various remote areas. You may often see it with this one tree.

Well this time we discuss about one type of banana that is very easy to find in almost all corners, namely the stone banana. A number of areas in Java are also referred to as banana klutuk. Young stone bananas are usually also used as a salad spice.

Red Heart Flower

This stone banana heart flower, is red to maroon. The fruit is pale yellow in color and can be eaten raw. It’s like making rujak and cooked with a mixture of anchovies.

Well banana stone or called banana kluthuk, pseudo-stem bananas can grow up to 4 to 6 meters.The pseudo-stem diameter can reach 30 cm. The leaves are also wide and long which is quite flexible and strong.

Spicy Banana Modern

Batu bananas can actually also be regarded as the master of modern bananas. because this kluthuk banana is often crossed with other types of bananas to produce delicious bananas.

This banana tree is easy to grow. .maybe because this is a type of early banana or banana master banana, which has a strong resistance.

Advantages of Stone Banana (Klutuk)

Another advantage of this stone banana is its leaves. These banana leaves are more ductile and pliable than modern cultivated bananas. Because of this, many banana leaves are chosen as a food wrapping tool.

Stone bananas are one of the delicious fruits, whether eaten directly or made into various culinary delights. .In contrast to stone bananas, this type of banana tends to be used only as a spice in some culinary delights, such as cingur salad.

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Characteristics of Many Seeds

Banana stone or another name for this klutuk banana, with the characteristic of many seeds. That’s why stone bananas are also known as seed plantains.leaves are wide, shiny and tough not easily torn, very good for wrapping food.

The taste, which tends to be bitter, makes the stone banana cannot be consumed like other bananas. Even so, this banana has benefits.

Banana stone even though the taste tends to be a bit bitter? This type of banana can be an alternative natural remedy for high sugar levels.

So far, most people only know stone bananas as a flavoring for mashed salad. But this banana is nutritious for you.

Natural ways to be used as herbal medicine as below:

Take 3 stone bananas or klutuk bananas that are still on the tree, but the ones that are still easy are taken. Of course no seeds

For the consumption of stone bananas, it is enough with 3 stone bananas a day, for seven consecutive days. .Your sugar level will return to normal soon. Of course, by maintaining a healthy and regular diet.

Every God Created plants must be useful.

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